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STD Testing & Treatment
We now offer STD testing and treatment for men and women. Our nursing staff will continue to earn your trust as they deliver excellent and compassionate care to you.
Clinical Pregnancy Testing
Clinical pregnancy tests are provided free of charge to all female clients who come to Resource Health seeking assistance with an unplanned pregnancy. Tests are performed by Resource Health medical staff.
Ultrasound Services
In 2020 at Resource Health, 91% of the time, women who saw their babies through an ultrasound chose life.
We offer first trimester ultrasounds. An ultrasound provides the critical first meeting between mother, father, and baby. It gives the parents a window to the womb and allows the baby’s heartbeat to be seen.
Introduce mom and dad to their child through ultrasound!
Make a donation today underwrite the cost of an ultrasound.
The Resource Health Mentoring Program is a critical step in connecting out clients with the local church. Our mentoring staff facilitates and trains mentors to develop relationships with and support the women who are enrolled in our 20-week Education Program. Mentoring classes are hosted off-site at local partnering churches to continue parenting education, discipleship, and support after the client’s baby is born.
Once the choice for life is made, we strive to make sure mom and dad are supported and prepared to parent. We offer our clients holistic care through an 8-week Fatherhood Education Program and a 20-week Education Program for moms. The women’s classes are divided into ten group sessions as well as ten weeks of individual case management where specific support, resources, and spiritual conversations continue.
Help equip a mom and dad for parenthood!
Make a donation today to help defray the cost of our education program.
Our Client Advocates spend quality time with both female and male clients during this process to make initial connections, build trust, and discern possible needs, risks, and obstacles the client may be facing. We lay the groundwork for further support, services, and resources, and are often able to share the gospel and pray with women during this time.
Our trained staff of male Client Advocates are doing the critical work to engage fathers as participants rather than spectators. Through advocacy, education, and support, we empower these fathers to step into their God-given responsibilities with the tools and education they need.
Help a father find his voice and embrace his role as the baby’s dad!
Make a donation today to help expand our Fatherhood Program to all four centers throughout the KC Metro.