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About Us

Together we’re making a difference across generations
Resource Health exist to offer compassionate care to men and women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Our focus is to holistically empower the family unit through advocacy, education, mentoring and discipleship. Our goal is to positively impact families now and for generations to come.
Watch this video to see what clients experience when coming to one of our centers:
Resource Health originally opened as a branch location of the LIGHT House Maternity Home in Kansas City. From a small house in Blue Springs, donated by a local church, this grass roots ministry opened in January of 1992. The first year, 80 women were seen for free pregnancy tests, given free maternity clothes, diapers and other infant needs along with community referrals. Over the last 25 years an estimated 60,000 lives have been saved and changed through a growing list of services. In addition to free pregnancy tests, life affirming ultrasounds were added in 1996. Ultrasound images helped the unborn children audition for their lives as they were introduced to moms and dads for the first time. Prenatal education has been offered since 2003. Today our education program for Mom is a 20-week opportunity that provides 10 weeks of classroom prenatal and parenting classes and 10 weeks of individual case management, assisting with a long list of on-site and community resources.

After running a pilot Fatherhood program in 2017, Resource Health added services for the Fathers of the babies. Statistics tell us that a woman will choose life for her child 91% of the time if the Father of the baby is supportive. In 2018 a mentoring program will bridge education clients from Resource Health to the local church where they will continue to receive services through baby’s first year. All these services are now offered from the four Resource Health centers located throughout the greater Kansas City area. An estimated 3,000 women, 500 men and 2,250 babies will be served in 2018.

  • Added New Programs
    Began Fatherhood program in January. Started Mentoring Program in June.

  • Closed Location
    Closed the Grandview location. Began Fatherhood Pilot Program.

  • Women's Clinic Merger
    Rachel House took over operations of The Women’s Clinic Independence and Grandview locations.

  • Inner-City Relocation
    The inner-city location relocated to Blue Parkway.

  • Admin Offices Moved
    Administrative offices relocated to Windsor Drive in Lee’s Summit.

  • Admin Offices Moved
    The administrative offices moved from Lee’s Summit to the new inner-city location.

  • Consolidated Locations
    The Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit centers consolidated into one at the Lee’s Summit offices.

  • Added 3rd Location
    The Lee’s Summit Center opened as 3rd center and administration offices.

  • Added 2nd Location
    Incorporated the Northland Location as 2nd location

  • Independent Ministry
    Became an independent ministry and changed name to Rachel House Pregnancy Resource Centers.

  • Opened
    Opened original Pregnancy Resource Center in Blue Springs, MO known as The LIGHT House in Blue Springs.